To help you understand what is the WCDF Open Judging, here’s how judging works within the WorldCDF.

When you are on the dance floor in Line and Couples, Judges grade you according to your skill level. They group you in one of the four categories – A, B, C or D

A – showing above what is expected in this division.

B – showing everything that is expected from this division

C – showing most of what is expected but requires further training

D – showing below what is expected in this division. 

Once they have grouped you, they then mark from highest to lowest in that group. That means that in one division, dancers are grouped and ranked from A1, A2, … then from B1, B2, etc.

In some cases, judges also give penalties. Some penalties will give you a lower placement and some other penalties give you a last placement in the dance.

You can find a complete list of penalties in the WCDF Rules Book. Below a summary of the most common penalties:

Non-Conference Penalty Codes: One (1) Placement Reduction:
– C Costume and Appearance.
– B Basic Pattern.
– F Courtesy and Floor craft.
– A Acceptable Behaviour.
– Movement.
– T Timing.
Penalty Codes: Last Place:
– P Prop use.
– D Dance Delivery.
– H Costume Minimums [Boots & Hats]

If you have any questions about judging or penalties, please contact the WorldCDF Judge Education Board