Contest Coordinator

Every WorldCDF event is required to provide an official WorldCDF Certified Contest Coordinator.

This person holds the responsibility for the coordination and management of all WorldCDF contest divisions in accordance with the WorldCDF Dance Rules, Contest Procedures and Scoring Format, as well as the WorldCDF Judge Certification Curriculum.


The Contest Coordinator is responsible for:

  • supervising the work of any and all floor coordinators
  • the taking of attendance and staging of contestants
  • any and all ballot coordinators
  • the collection and organizing of contest ballot sheets for the scoring room
  • any and all scrutineers
  • interpreting and transcribing judge’s marks into placements and/or medal grades
  • any and all scoring room personnel
  • heat sheet preparation and posting, ballot sheet preparation
  • computer data entry
  • scoring audits
  • reports and award lists
  • MC's
  • DJ's when working during a contest session