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Event Results

Overall Ranking 2022-2023

The WorldCDF Worldwide Overall Ranking is updated after every event. Points are awarded for all Overall Placements at official WCDF International events.

  • The THREE (3) best events of the year will be continuously updated and counts for the ranking.
  • The amount of Overall dancers in the division will correspond to the maximum of earned points (with a maximum of 11 possible points).

In a division with 8 competitors for example;
1st Place Overall with 8 competitors = 8 Points
2nd Place Overall with 8 competitors = 7 Points
3rd Place Overall with 8 competitors = 6 Points
4th Place Overall with 8 competitors = 5 Points
5th Place Overall with 8 competitors = 4 Points
6th Place Overall with 8 competitors = 3 Points
7th Place Overall with 8 competitors = 2 Points
8th Place Overall with 8 competitors = 1 Point

In a division with 4 competitors for example;
1st Place Overall with 4 competitors = 4 Points
2nd Place Overall with 4 competitors = 3 Points
3rd Place Overall with 4 competitors = 2 Points
4th Place Overall with 4 competitors = 1 Point

Bonus points are then added on top of these Ranking Points, in the following structure:
1st Place Overall = + 8 Points
2nd Place Overall= + 6 Points
3rd Place Overall = + 4 Points
4th Place Overall= + 2 Points
5th Place Overall = + 1 Point

  • If there are competitors dancing less than five (5) dances, they will not be counted for the overall ranking.


Calculation example: A competitor who gained a 2nd Overall Placement in its division with a total of 5 competitors in his division, receives the following amount of Overall Ranking points: 4 Points + 6 Bonus points = 10 Points.

The Overall Ranking also shows you the Graduation status for the following dance season. You can regularly check your status in the last column of the sheet.

  • If Upgrade indicates MUST, this dancer must upgrade to the next dance level as of the next years dancing season, based on its current year results.
  • If Upgrade indicates OPTION, this dancer has the option to upgrade to the next dance level as of the next years dancing season, based on its current year results plus its previous 2 years results.

For Overall Ranking of previous years, please check our Archive page.

Graduation List

The competitors in the list below have earned graduation to a higher division for the 2022-2023 season, effective the day after the World Championships.

  • Competitors who have an Option may graduate to a higher division in 2022-2023 or remain in their current division.
  • Junior competitors (Primary, Youth & Teen) who will change age level in 2022-2023 may remain in their current division.


Archives of the Event Results, Overall Ranking and Scoring Reports of previous years, can be found on our ARCHIVE page.