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31-05-2024 - New Showcase Funky now available!

14-07-2024 - Step sheet of Modern Basic B Updated!

20-06-2024 - All the 2024-2025 Classic A dances are available! Stars coming soon!

16-06-2024 - All the Line Social and Modern are now available!

13-05-2024 - All the Line Classic E and F dances are now available!

23-03-2024 - Line Classic Advanced D - Tag added on videos

19-02-2024 - Line Classic Advanced D Stepsheet update

28-01-2024 - Line Social A Stepsheet update

28-01-2024 - Line Classic Intermediate C Stepsheet update

21-01-2024 - All the Line Classic D Dances are now available!

14-01-2024 - Line Classic Intermediate C - One Hand One Heart Updated

11-01-2024 - New Age Variant Corner is now available!

The WorldCDF is very proud to present it's new Dance Board...

Johan Labuschagne

DB Johan

Joan Morro

DB Joan2

Luana Giliberti

DB Luana
Helene - World CDF

Free Competition Music download


With your WorldCDF membership, you can now download, free of charge, the edited competition music in MyInfo.

Just click on the link below, select which package of music you want, complete your WorldCDF membership details and download the music to your computer or phone.

It is also possible to download directly from Myinfo.

The SOCIAL music can be downloaded by any WorldCDF member. To download any of the other music packages, you need to renew and pay your membership for 2022.

Please be aware of copyright laws, so read carefully the information below before downloading the edited versions of the music.

All recorded music is protected by copyright laws. It is unfair and illegal to copy or use music for which the authors have not been compensated for their intellectual property.
WorldCDF dances are choreographed to specific songs or music which is edited. The music was assembled and edited by the Music Board from legally obtained sources.
Before downloading and opening the file and using the edited track of music for practice, the downloader must expressly agree that he or she understands his or her obligation under copyright laws, to first legally obtain and purchase the original track(s) or CD(s) that were used in the creation of the edited version.
By downloading this edited version, the downloader stipulates to the WorldCDF®, with intent to be legally bound, that he or she is already the owner of a legally obtained copy of all of the original source music used in its creation and further indemnifies the WorldCDF against all responsibility for any failure on the part of the downloader to obtain and use legally purchased music.

Line dance divisions

We have made demo videos on music for you, so you can find the start of the dance. Please take into consideration that your country might not accept all music videos on our platform! Unfortunately we cannot change that. Also, please be aware that the DJ can always cut the intro short or use a different song all together.

All videos (Teach and Music) are made to help you with the steps, they are NOT for any kind of technique or styling.

Thank you and hopefully you will enjoy the new dances!!

If you have any questions, please send a mail to the WorldCDF Dance Board:

Couple & Partner dance divisions