One of the responsibilities of the WorldCDF Rules Board is to develop the competition rules that we use throughout the year.

The Rules Board can change rules during the year, only if it is for the benefit of the dancers.

It is very important that every dancer is aware of the changes made to the divisions in which they dance. Should you find a rule which you are unsure of, please contact the Rules Board on:

Download the

The updated 2024 Rules Book is now available - 21/03/2024

Latest rules updates

The updated Rules Book 2024 is now available.

Please check the Rules Book for all new changes.
Should you have any questions, contact

Latest changes:

To qualify for the World Championships, dancers from continents outside of Europe are required to complete at least one (1) overall at:

  • One (1) event where there are 1-4 events
  • Two (2) events where there are 5-10 events
  • Three (3) events where there are 11+ event

If there are no events on the continent, 0 events are needed.

Other changes include:

  • Age divisions in Modern divisions.
  • Rising Stars may graduate to Megastar when reaching the age of 18.
  • New Open Choreography divisions.
  • New age divisions for 70+ dancers across all divisions.
  • Newcomer dancers can now wear crystals to be the same as all other divisions.
  • Pattern Partner can be any gender, but one partner must remain the leader throughout all dances.

Please check the Rules Book for all new changes.
Should you have any questions, contact

The General Council of the WCDF are proud to announce the following recent changes have been made to our organization.
  • New Classic Open division in Intermediate and Advanced.
  • New Gold (60+) division across all divisions.
  • Pro-Am dancers can now dance in several Adult Age-Restricted divisions in which they are age eligible.
  • Cross-over for Advanced dancers from any other organisation**
  • Cross-over for Star/Master dancers from any other organisation**
  • No gender restrictions in Couples, Pro-Am and Pattern Partner**
  • Cross-over of Judges from other organisations**
The WorldCDF listens to its members and we have always said we welcome everyone into our organisation.
... so welcome to the World Country Dance Federation
** Please check our Rules Book for further information.