One of the responsibilities of the WorldCDF Rules Board is to develop the competition rules that we use throughout the year.

The Rules Board will only change rules during the year if it is for the benefit of the dancers.

It is very important that every dancer is aware of the changes made to the divisions in which they dance. Should you find a rule which you are unsure of, please contact the Rules Board on:

The updated 2020 Rules Book (03/12/2021) is now available

For dancers in the "Top" divisions in other organisations:

Dancers in the 'Top' division in another organisation may now request to cross-over into the advanced division by contacting the rules board via email. They must provide the following information with their request:

  • The name of the organisation where they won their title
  • Proof of their qualification and the date it was achieved
  • The dates of three (3) events where they have competed a full programme in this top division
Only once these have been confirmed will the rules board grant entry into the advanced division.