What is the WorldCDF

About us

The World Country Dance Federation (WorldCDF) was founded in Europe in 2006 with the mission to further the art and sport of country dance at all levels (social, competitive and professional). We do this through a variety of styles and music, and it is open to all ages.

The WorldCDF is dedicated to worldwide country dance competitors & social dancers and it welcomes any form of collaboration that can benefit the dancers.

Our federation treasures many years of significant dance experience and we have the privilege to count among our certified professionals many renowned dance instructors, dance studio owners, choreographers, national & international judges, and coaches who provide training and guidance.

We organize competitions and dance events in many countries around the world.

The Organization's history

The World Country Dance Federation (WorldCDF) was officially registered in the Venlo, Netherlands on February 6th, 2006 by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under the number 12061245.

It's legal structure is founded and based in The Netherlands.


The organization was founded in 2006 by 13 members from all around the world.

  • Herman Falkenberg (President)
  • Wiek van Horck (Secretary & Treasurer)
  • Ron Welters
  • Yvonne Dunn
  • Stella Wilden
  • Roy Verdonk
  • Tim Ruzgar
  • Jorge Rius Porta
  • Gert Wollschlaeger
  • Dorsey Napier
  • Barbara Dietsche
  • Frank Olsen
  • Joerg Hammer

Since it's creation, some members have unfortunately passed away and others have resigned.


The organization is currently lead by: 

  • Herman Falkenberg - President
  • Barry Arbeider - Secretary
  • Sytse Wiering - Treasurer
  • Dorsey Napier
  • Frank Olsen
  • Ron Welters
  • Gert Wollschlager & Susanne Schalewa


All official correspondance to the WorldCDF is to be sent to:



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