The WorldCDF consists of volunteers grouped in multiple teams of people, working to develop the organization to the needs and the wishes of our Members.

Your questions or remarks can best be posted through our Dancer's Voice tool. Your questions are automatically directed to the right person(s) within our organization.

If you do wish to ask a committee directly, we ask you to use the correct email addresses as much as possible for contacting us, which ensures the fastest response through the responsible persons within our organization. This also avoids unnecessary people being copied in to the communication.

We have several boards with their own fields of expertise and responsibilities:

  • Rules Board
  • Dance Board
  • Judge Education & Certification Board
  • Social Education Board
  • Music Selection Board
  • Management Team (has the daily lead in developments within the organization)

President: Herman Falkenberg
Team Members: Dorsey Napier, Ron Welters, Sytse Wiering, Barry Arbeider, Gert & Susanne Wollschlager

  • Herman & Rija Falkenberg
  • Wiek van Horck †
  • Dorsey Napier
  • Frank Olsen
  • Ron Welters
  • Rick & Stella Wilden †
  • Gert Wollschlager & Susanne Schalewa

Board Leader: Barry Arbeider
Board Members: Dorsey Napier & Rosie Gillespie

Board Leader: Johan Labuschagne
Board Members: Luana Giliberti, Joan Morro

Board Members: Dorsey Napier, Rowdy Dufrene, Barry Arbeider & Ton Greten

Board Leader: Alex Boone
Board Members: Vittorio Anelli & Rowdy Dufrene

Sandy Gorez & Peter Puelinckx