The WorldCDF is proud to announce a brand new tool for you to contact us and share your suggestions, wishes or concerns.

We call it “DANCER’S VOICE
and it can be foundĀ on the main menu of our website.


What is it ?

It’s a very easy form that you submit to us about anything concerning to the WorldCDF. Our team, behind the scenes, will contact the appropriate board and answer you very rapidly about your request.


Why should I use Dancer’s Voice rather than sending an email ?

If you send an email to any board, there is no tracking about your email. Dancer’s Voice allows us to keep track of every request and follow up on it.

You are sure that your request is taken into account and that our team is monitoring everything to make sure that you are heard.


Who can use Dancer’s Voice ?

It is open to everyone whether you are a dancer, a trainer, a judge or just interested in the the WorldCDF.


What type of questions can I submit ?

Basicaly anything you want to ask or share with the WorldCDF.
For example if you have a new dance that you would like to submit the WorldCDF or if you have a question about a rule or if you have a concern about an event you can use our new tool.


The system is evolving, so in the future you might be able to follow your request online or the most frequent questions might be added into a FAQ page.


As you see, this new tool is made for you …. so please feel free to contact us …. through Dancer’s Voice.

The WorldCDF Board of Directors